A123 電芯重大訊息公佈


A123 電芯重大訊息公佈:

#由於 A123 常州 26650 等電芯廠將技術及設備賣給新的公司所以未來 26650 電芯將不再掛 A123

#RCE 也在洽談未來是否有機會掛 RCE 自有品牌電芯

我們正在通知您 Lithium Werks 收購了 A123 的工業業務,包括 CZ 工廠。

當然,我們與 Lithium Werks 和 A123 保持合作,因為 A123 專注於汽車業務,包括在 HZ 和捷克工廠生產的袋式電池和電池系統。

由於上述原因,請告知 APR18650M1B 和 ANR26650M1B 電池已於 9 月 1 日開始使用帶有 Lithium Werks 標識的新 PET 套管。

除了新的 PET 套管,所有其他保持相同。附上相關通知,保證書和照片供您參考。

此時,我們仍然有一些 A123 品牌的庫存。在收到您的 P / O 時,如果我們缺貨,我們會通知您。


We are informing you Lithium Werks acquired industrial business of A123 including the CZ factory.

Of course we keep the cooperation with Lithium Werks and A123 both as A123 focus on automotive business with pouch cells and battery systems which manufactured in HZ and Czech plants.

Because of above mentioned, please be informed the APR18650M1B & ANR26650M1B cell have had the new PET sleeve with Lithium Werks logo from September 1st.

Except new PET sleeve, all others keep the same. The related notification, guarantee letter & photos attached for your reference.

At this moment, we still have some inventories with A123 brand. When receiving your P/O, we will let you know if we run out of stock.

Thanks again for your supports and sorry for any inconvenience~



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