Rechargeable Lithium Ion Starterbattery


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The RCE smart lithium iron battery has a world-patented high-voltage protection circuit. When high-voltage protection, the charging circuit is closed and the discharge circuit is opened to ensure uninterrupted power during driving and protect the safety of the rider.
iBatt detection is based on the string voltage. If a single string exceeds the warning value, it will enter the high-voltage protection status, and iBatt will display a red letter.
At this time, the battery is in pure discharge mode, and the smart design will automatically protect the battery, so don’t worry.
※During the connection between Bluetooth and iBatt App, if there is an unstable connection, please try to temporarily turn off WiFi in addition to turning on Bluetooth and location to see if it can improve the Bluetooth connection.
Please email us if you have any question .
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When the super capacitor and battery charging. Please check car charger voltage is less than 15V. If car charger voltage is higher than 15V, it will make motorbike/car super capacitor and car battery damage. These factors will not be warranty. Please pay special attention. If you have any problem, please call +886-2-26801999. Thank you very much.
Any kind of damage causing by the
poor design of the product under
the warranty, the maximum
claim amount is ten times
of the product value.
The world's first intelligent lithium-iron starter battery equipped with an active power management system-iBatt, not only has superior performance, but also meets environmental protection requirements. It is an innovative product that truly balances practical utility with energy saving and carbon reduction. Users can use the mobile phone APP to understand all the information of the entire string of batteries, and perform functions such as anti-theft power off and release.
1. Anti-theft power-off system: It has a smart power-off remote control function, which limits the startup of large currents that cannot be started, and retains small currents (this function is limited to the anti-theft mode) for use by other electrical systems on the car to avoid resetting the computer on board.
2. Long-term power-off function: When the owner does not use the vehicle for a long time, he can manually power off completely, which can keep the battery for 6 months and can be restarted. Note that it is completely powered off at this time.
3. Humanized teaching mode: All functions except item 3 will be displayed on the mobile app (iBatt), and will teach you how to remove the protection.
4. Intelligent protection mode: intelligent judgment between the traveling and static rooms to activate different protections. When the battery voltage is automatically judged to be too high, it will switch to discharge mode and maintain the normal power supply of the vehicle system when the generator is turned off.
※ When charging the capacitor and battery, please make sure that the charging voltage on the car is lower than 15V before charging!
If you use a voltage exceeding 15V to charge, it will cause damage to the steam, locomotive capacitors and batteries.
No warranty will be provided for damage due to the above factors, please pay special attention to consumers!
If you have any questions, please call us, thank you!
#Support charging control system # Support start-stop system
◆ Plastic shell
◇ BMS 2.0, Support start-stop system, Charge control.
◆ Flagship Smart Edition: It can perform anti-theft power off and manual power off.
◇ Instantaneous maximum current: 1000A / 1s
◆ Dimension: 237mm * 127mm * 203mm
   Weight: about 6.7 kg
   Voltage: 13.2V (Max: 14.6V)
   Capacity: 40.0Ah
◇ Applicable to Lead-acid batteries:
    Applicable to general Japanese brand cars, big terminal post and small terminal post, Positive electrode on the left or right.
1. Do not attempt to repair this product on your own.
2. Do not open or damage batteries.
3. Be sure to use chargers made for lithium iron.
Car Lithium Ion Starter Battery-Japanese Standard 12V 40Ah
( Shipping expenses/customs duty not included)
Car Lithium Ion Starter Battery-European Standard 12V 50Ah