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claim amount is ten times

of the product value.


●EP2.0 comes standard with two sets of rescue cable consisting of XT90 O shaped connector (yellow) with 25cm long cable. One set of the cable can be fastened to the battery at all times while the other set can be stored inside the motorcycle storage for emergency use such as providing roadside assistance to other motorcycle. 

●The only specially made lithium-ir on battery in the mark et. Compression resistant, deformation resistant, impact resistant, short circuit detection,and maximum safety.
●Patented cable and fuse-fr ee. Overcharge, over-discharge and r everse connection can be prevented and immediately eliminated by auto power cut off with the engine off, thus assuring safety.
●Summer car t emperature can sometimes r each 60 degr ees, but the b attery can be safely stored at 80 degrees.



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