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Any kind of damage causing by the

poor design of the product under

the warranty, the maximum

claim amount is ten times

of the product value.


●The only specially made lithium-ir on battery in the mark et. Compression resistant, deformation resistant, impact resistant, short circuit detection,and maximum safety.
●Patented cable and fuse-fr ee. Overcharge, over-discharge and r everse connection can be prevented and immediately eliminated by auto power cut off with the engine off, thus assuring safety.
●Summer car t emperature can sometimes r each 60 degr ees, but the b attery can be safely stored at 80 degrees.
●Uses 2 Americ an CREE MX6 LEDs (whit e and r ed) and the buzzer . With maximum illumination, the lights can be used as signals for help during emergency.
●2.4/6.0Ah. Coupled with V0 grade flame r etardant plastic, the 3K c arbon fiber shell is sophisticat ed and solid.
●The USB can handle 2A output. Adjustable D+/D- allows for rapid charging, making it convenient to use.
●Can be quic kly charged using car c igarette lighter or A C 110V / 220V.
●All products containing battery cells (OEM), BMS (pow er management syst em preventing overcharge, over discharge and short circuit), PCB, firmware programs are designed and produced by RCE.
●RCE is the w orld's most pr ofessional

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