Super Capacitor Manual

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When the super capacitor and battery charging. Please check car charger voltage is less than 15V. If car charger voltage is higher than 15V, it will make motorbike/car super capacitor and car battery damage. These factors will not be warranty. Please pay special attention. If you have any problem, please call +886-2-26801999. Thank you very much.


Any kind of damage causing by the

poor design of the product under

the warranty, the maximum

claim amount is ten times

of the product value.


1‧Upon activation, it can provide large instantaneous current to reduce the load and prolong the service life of starter battery.

2‧After activation, it can absorb instantaneous surge generated by the generator and provide steady voltage for the optimized operation of oil supply computer.
3‧It can constantly provide large instantaneous current for the ignition system to function effectively with best performance.
4‧It is the best choice for hardcore audio enthusiasts to improve the audio performance.
5‧Start-stop model which can effectively enhance starting capability and prolong battery life.
6‧It is equipped with ultra-low temperature starting capability such that it can be started even with the temperature at 30oC below zero.
7‧It is equipped with the longest service life of 500,000 cycles.
8‧It is filled with Epoxy to ensure shockproof, waterproof, and high temperature resistance.

Producot ID:SC-1572
Life cycle:Over 500,000
Self-discharge current:>2mA
Applicable temperature:-30℃~+70℃
Instantaneous current:190A/15V/1S
Car Super Capacitor
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Motorcycle Super Capacitor