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Any kind of damage causing by the

poor design of the product under

the warranty, the maximum

claim amount is ten times

of the product value.



First connect the anode and cathode of the battery (use alligator clip or cigarette lighter hole). Then plug in the power socket.

A. Set the charging mode, quick press the SET button for 6 options (cycle change) in the following order:  

   lithium iron battery 1A, 4A, 6A,  and lead-acid batteries 1A, 4A, 6A.

B. Press the SET button for 3 seconds for low current lithium iron battery repair

   (if the lithium-iron battery has less than 11V, return it to the manufacturer for repair).

Original Parts:

Cigarette lighter car charger cord X1

Battery charging cable X1

Alligator clip charging cable X1


USB 5V output socket

Maximum charge current: 6A

Body size: 17.5 * 7.5 * 4.5

Warranty: 1- year

RCE smart dual charger Dual use 12V lead acid / lithium iron battery
( Shipping expenses/customs duty not included)