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When the super capacitor and battery charging. Please check car charger voltage is less than 15V. If car charger voltage is higher than 15V, it will make motorbike/car super capacitor and car battery damage. These factors will not be warranty. Please pay special attention. If you have any problem, please call +886-2-26801999. Thank you very much.


Any kind of damage causing by the

poor design of the product under

the warranty, the maximum

claim amount is ten times

of the product value.


Product Specifications:

Product Name:iBattery 75.0Ah(C)

Voltage: 13.2V (Max: 14.6V)

Capacity: 50.0Ah

Dimensions(C): (W)355mm * (D)175mm * (H)190cm

Inches(C): (W)13.98in * (D)6.89in * (H)7.49in

Weight(C):  12.5 Kilograms

Standard charge: 0.5C , 120min

Quick charge: 2C , 30min

Maximum continuous discharge: 750A, 10C

Instantaneous discharge (1S): 2250A, 30C

Operating Temperature: 32 °F to + 140 °F / 0 ℃to + 60 ℃

Copper head: 24K gold

Housing: Compressed by 3K carbon fiber and V0 heat resistant plastic

Suitable vehicles: All kinds vehicle


1. Do not attempt to repair this product on your own.

2. Do not open or damage batteries.

3. Be sure to use chargers made for lithium iron.

this product has a 5-year warranty under normal use:
1.Human-caused damage and inappropriate handling, such as external short circuit, impact, drop and prolonged disuse.
2.Due to breakdown in the vehicular generator system, resulting in battery damage caused by failure to recharge.
3.Unauthorized disassembling and repair, and damaged tear-proof stickers on the side.


iBattery 75Ah(C)
( Shipping expenses/customs duty not included)
iBattery 25Ah(A/B)
iBattery 50Ah(A/B)